Standard Settlement Instructions

Standard Settlement Instructions ensures a fast and accurate cross-border payments process, help reduce settlement risk and improve your straight-through processing (STP) rates.

SSI overview


Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI’s) are defined as a Legal Entities Settlement Instruction for which key information remains the same from one settlement to another (i.e., bank, account number and account name), with only the amount and value date modified. However, there are intricate details within each instruction for settlement which differ for each entity as well as any sub-entity.


  • Datum’s  SSI solution powered with AI automates the process of documents and Data processing for business process with high Accuracy.  reduces settlement risk, and avoid loss of interest 
  • Process any Financial data available in multiple formats efficiently with process parallelization under high SSI request volume condition.
  •  Reduces Turnaroundtime with efficient trackingtrough  Validation and Authentication Enabling SSI requests with auditable trail
  • Trough Datum’s SSI On-premises cloud setup up for easy scalability, it ensures easy management of peak volumes globally .
  • On-premises cloud setup up for easy scalability to ensure easy management of peak volumes globally



Every Financial institution or global corporation needs to process thousands of cross-border retails and/or FX and money market-related payments is crucial and standard settlement instructions are the key for completing financial and/or securities transactions between two entities. 

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