Automate & Capture fast-changing medical solutions, maintaining records and process Data for complex Medical claims within no time.

Rapid Medical claims


In Health Care sector handling Patients and Medical Claims in parallel becomes extremely complicated and important task. Datum’s RapidMEDICAL-CLAIM solutions helps Insurance institutions create and deploy automated, agile claims management processes for full-proof claims processing. A customized medical claims management solution that seamlessly integrates multiple complex systems, platforms, as well as manual processes to automate medical claim processing workflow throughout the claims life cycle.

Rapid medical claims


  • Datum’s RapidMEDICAL CLAIM’s Datum’s RapidMEDICAL CLAIM’s  with improved BPA for medical Claims and reduced human intervention thus saving operational cost overtime
  • Get valuable insights from medical claims Data through AI technology .It is one of key factors that helps in taking crucial decisions fast and efficiently , Automating previously manual and time intensive process, that provides fast decision-making power. 
  • RapidMEDICAL-CLAIMS automates every claim that needs to process accurately and fast through proper analyzing and documentation. It ensures that all necessary business tasks are in  proper sequence and on time incresing efficiency and accuracy. 
  • RapidMedical-Claim's Inteligent AI powered solution can predict Medical Claims Characteristics and can detect unusual indications in Claims, such as the likelihood of fraud, total loss, or litigation, to speed up its downstream handling. 
  • RapidMedical-Claim's AI algorithms can help segment various medical claims submitted by factual and predicted claims characteristics. 
  • RapidMedical-Claim's quick and easy setup makes its one of the  best solution in the industry. It is fast deployable which easily integrates with your business process and can be handled by your business team with bare minimum involvement of your Iteam.
Rapid medical claims



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