Intelligent Data Capture solution for automating Healthcare critical information

Rapid Medical


In the Healthcare sector efficiency must be optimized in every respect. RapidMedical’s Intelligent Data Capture system automates the process of extracting and identifying critical information from Medical Documents, paper and electronic documents to instantly unlock their value and further process it for tasks relating to that data with ease.



  • RapidMedical provides Better Safety and Accuracy to capture, analyze and verify data from complex documents in structured & unstructured formats and further process it for Business use. It saves from Data loss in the process and further its state of Art security system saves any form of Data Breach.  
  • RapidMedical powered with AI technology provides necessary insights and Links in medical cases is one of key factors that helps in taking lifesaving decisions 
  • Analyse and process any kind of text, even unstructured -handwritten ones. RapidMedical ‘s smart capture using machine learning and Natural Language Processing capabilities reads and segregates each data for further Business use. 
  • RapidMedical’s Intelligent Capture automates in real-time the process of documents and data processing from any medical records with high Accuracy.    
  • RapidMedical’s quick and easy setup makes its one of the  best solution in the industry. It is fast deployable which easily integrates with your business process and can be handled by your business team with bare minimum involvement of your IT team.



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