Intelligent Contract Management

Intelligent Contract Management is a new approach to CLM that provides companies the ability to dynamically analyze contracts in the context of the systems and processes that drive business towards progress.


With Intelligent Contract Management, organizations will scale compliance across thousands or even millions of contracts. This advanced technology employs continuous observance and smart rules to a company’s entire contract portfolio to minimize risk and trigger applicable actions as conditions modify and change. It learns and grows along with your business, gripping new data to become smarter and quicker over time.


  • Eliminates Risk – Automates the process and checks 100% of the document.
  • Uses Customized and dedicated machine learning model.
  • Reports Color-coded classification like red, amber, green classification against each document.
  • Provides higher utilization of staff – Focuses on real sanction issues instead of checking non-issues.
  • Uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to extract key data



It’s critical that finance and accounting teams modernize and digitize their contract lifecycle management with contract management software. With contract management software, finance teams can help drive profitability by identifying lost revenue, cost-saving opportunities, improving compliance, and reconciling and enforcing terms and obligations.

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