Operation and Maintenance Optimization

Skilled resources to augment your staff in ECM ecosystem daily challenges.



Systems maintenance and monitoring is a very specialized skill-set. These tasks often times takes a great deal of your valuable resources such as system monitoring, preventative maintenance, and proactive trouble shooting.

We at Datum have a state-of-the art Network Operations Center fully staffed and ready to relieve you of this operational burden freeing up key resources for strategic tasks.


Who needs a Operations and Maintenance Optimization?

  • CIOs wanting to scale up to meet program/project demands without the issues of hiring personnel
  • IT executives dealing with limited ECM resources trying to manage a 24/7 ECM-based solution stack
  • Business leaders nervous about their organization’s ability to meet their growing demand for ECM-based solutions
  • Organizations realizing that their Network Operations Center (NOC) is overwhelmed by the complexity of an ECM-based solution

Advantages of
Operations and Maintenance Optimization

Learn how you can leverage technology and transform your business with our business-driven solutions using a common platform and creating added value every day.

A NOC solely focused on ECM-based solutions

Augmentation of their limited ECM resources with experienced ECM operators

Freeing up of valuable ECM skilled resources for more strategic activities

Instant 24/7 coverage for ECM-based solutions

Proven track record of success

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