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Business Process Management Methodology

The goal of the Business Process Management (BPM) methodology is to increase the efficiency, agility and effectiveness of business processes of an organization. In the current business scenario, improvement can be achieved by increasing trusted automation while decreasing the dependency upon human intervention for lower value or non-essential tasks. The Datum BPM methodology discovers, maps, and dissects current business processes and reorganizes them into new, streamlined processes incorporating the automation inherent in modern BPM tools and methodologies.


The PEGA BPM platform is recognized as an industry leading solution for Business Process Management (BPM) & Case Management (CM). PEGA offers an application development platform capable for large enterprises seeking to build, deploy and evolve strategic business applications. The solutions can be designed, maintained and deployed by business users ultimately minimizing support of the IT team.

Datum Solutions PEGA Practice

Datum maintains and cultivates an experienced and certified set of BPM and Case Management professionals worldwide. We specialize in leveraging technology to improve business process by delivering the right information at the right time to knowledge workers so they can optimize decisions, maintain agility, and ensure quality. These optimized processes help drive down costs, increase worker productivity, and increase customer satisfaction. Datum accomplishes this via our process design methodologies and utilizing best practices accumulated over years of experience delivering business solutions to customers around the globe.

Datum Solutions PEGA Team

Utilizing a large BPM / CM talent pool, a state of the art content and platform migration facility and certified, knowledgeable resources we successfully deliver our capabilities to support multi-national Fortune 500 companies globally.


Who needs Datum Solutions PEGA Practice?

  • Businesses desiring to empower their operational teams by giving them the ability to assign or revoke business specific features to case workers in their department
  • Companies whose IT Department would like to reduce the development backlog by maximizing the ability of process tools capabilities that can be implemented/managed by resources within the operating units
  • Business Leaders and Managers who want to significantly reduce process automation development and deployment time and cost
  • CIOs who want to respond to the needs of their customers in a timely manner by using tools that increase agility and deliver robust solutions from a concept to deployment much quicker

Advantages of
Datum Solutions PEGA Practice

Learn how you can leverage technology and transform your business with our business-driven solutions using a common platform and creating added value every day.

Fast, efficient solution design and implementation utilizing proven Business Process Management methodologies

On time, on budget project delivery assured by Datum experienced project management using the latest development techniques, such as Agile, SCRUM, and DEVOPS

Complete solution delivery assured by the vast knowledge of Datum resources across multiple vendor software solutions and tools, system or record integration expertise, and deep industry knowledge

Faster, less costly solution development by incorporating industry-specific line of business "Accelerators"

Deep knowledge of and experience in deploying solutions using Pega 6 and Pega 7 platform products, Pega frameworks including IIF, CPM, CPMHC, CPMI, and Smart Disputes

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