Business Application Modernization

Business driven solutions with the business not simply for the business.



With the continuous progression of time and the evolving technology environments combined with ever shrinking budgets with increasing business demand, there simply are not enough resources available to modernize mission critical applications to achieve your organization’s technical strategic vision.

We have proven technology-based methodology along with a highly skilled team with a proven track record modernizing legacy mainframe applications by extracting locked up business rules and exporting or exposing them to a modernized application. Leveraging a Business Rules Engine further enhances the efficiency of this transition and establishes a strategically modernized application.


Who needs a Business Application Modernization?

  • CIOs wanting to unlock legacy application core business functions to meet program/project demands without the cost of significant manual re-construction projects from scratch.
  • IT executives looking to leverage legacy applications in a modernized solution but unsure how to best achieve.
  • Organization struggling to keep pace with competition while maintaining limited capabilities of legacy applications.
  • Leaders looking to modernize while capturing the legacy investment into Business Rules over the past decades.
  • Project leaders looking to augment their skills and staff to meet resource limitation.

Advantages of
Business Application Modernization

Learn how you can leverage technology and transform your legacy business applications with our business-driven solutions using an intelligent BRE platform leveraging value from historical investments.

Quick development of business centered solutions leveraging your unique existing business rules.

Staff augmentation skilled on the latest application modernization techniques.

Ability to expedite application modernization with relevantly skilled teams.

Instant BRE extraction expertise to leverage and learn from while delivering results.

Leveraging best practices of BRE Extraction solution design proven in the marketplace.

Benefit of avoiding project and technology pitfalls based on past experiences.

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