Datum Solutions' RapidCAPTURE powered by adaptive core engine and AI layer leveraging Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning provides the ability to quickly implement document capture, and advanced, cost-effective imaging and document ingestion converting from unstructured content & handwritten documents to structured format extending the capability and power of your current content service platform (ECM ) investment.

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At Present majority of business processes require documents to be submitted and reviewed, whether it’s delivered over email (attachment) or mail (paper), it must be processed, identified and stored in the organizations ECM platform. RapidCAPTURE provides the ability to ingest these documents and efficiently extract key information to correctly store and/or launch the appropriate workflows, a key in driving down costs while reducing errors. With RapidCAPTURE organizations can empower their lines of business with efficiency gains found by leveraging document capturing techniques that allows for semi-structured document analysis, image clean up, document assembly and data extraction for all types of documents both machine printed and handwritten.


  • Quickly Deployable Solution - Deployable solution leveraging your existing framework through Cloud deployment models.
  • Role Based Security - Allows for the segregation of work streams and also the protection of sensitive information.
  • Document Processing - Various means of document processing like straight-through, manual and exception handling.
  • Integration - Ability to integrate into existing systems and sources for data lookups and validations.
  • Enhancement - Ability to enhance images or image clean-up. Easy Document Assembly - Drag and drop document assembly.
  • Web-based User Interface - Convenient to use and easy to learn web-based user interface.
  • Various Input Channels - Ability to handle various input channels like faxes, scanners, FTP/shared folders or Adhoc/user entered documents.
  • Content Service (ECM) Repositories - Connected to various ECM repositories for final committal.



Datum’s ace Insure-Tech solution drive the digital transformation journey for Insurance industry –With Artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, mobile service, live chat, etc. It focuses on automating reparative task and better insight through smart solutions.

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Digital Transformation in FinTech goes beyond making progressive applications and reaching out to customers. Datum’s Fintech solution has helped financial intuition modernize their operation through improved customer segmentation , enhanced services, custom design promotional that eases the process of migration from physical channels to a digital platform and achieve maximum productivity.

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Datum has delivered solution and gained trust by streamlining business processes, and leveraging the power of AI and cloud technologies of some of the largest and most innovative government agencies globally . Datum's solution has helped several government agencies to modernize operations, work smarter and more collaboratively, and achieve breakthrough efficiency.

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