Datum Solutions PEGA Practice

Transforming business across a wide spectrum of industry sectors.


Datum along with PEGA have one of the ace BPM platform . It is recognized as an industry leading solution for Business Process Management (BPM) & Case Management (CM). PEGA offers an application development platform capable for large enterprises seeking to build, deploy and evolve strategic business applications. The solutions can be designed, maintained and deployed by business users ultimately minimizing support of the IT team.


  • Fast, efficient solution design and implementation utilizing proven Business Process Management methodologies
  • On time, on budget project delivery assured by Datum experienced project management using the latest development techniques, such as Agile, SCRUM, and DEVOPS
  • Complete solution delivery assured by the vast knowledge of Datum resources across multiple vendor software solutions and tools, system or record integration expertise, and deep industry knowledge
  • Faster, less costly solution development by incorporating industry-specific line of business "Accelerators"
  • Deep knowledge of and experience in deploying solutions using PEGA 6 and PEGA 7 platform products, PEGA frameworks including IIF, CPM, CPMHC, CPMI, and Smart Disputes



Customer achieved faster loan processing through automation and exception handling; higher customer satisfaction enabled through well-informed and timely action. This Case implementation is targeted to provide a 20 percent revenue improvement with no increase in staffing expenditure.

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In case of exceptional customer cases for Insurance firms, ICM helps managers allocate the cases to knowledge workers effectively by matching their experience to the complexity of the case. Thus, helping match the skillset required for each case. ICM allows for the managers to manage cases in bulk as well with tools to manage an entire departments workload, adjusting to dynamically changing environment.

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Datum has delivered solution and gained trust by streamlining business processes, and leveraging the power of AI and cloud technologies of some of the largest and most innovative government agencies globally . Datum's solution has helped several government agencies to modernize operations, work smarter and more collaboratively, and achieve breakthrough efficiency.

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