Business Application Modernization

Modernizing legacy applications and achieve Digital Transformation through hybrid cloud strategy .


Datum’s Application modernization helps Organizations optimizing business operating models within a hybrid cloud strategy to drive cost efficiency, increase productivity and create opportunities for innovation. Datum’s Application Modernization Solution is an industry trusted technology-based methodology modernizing legacy applications (e.g.COBOL, VBA.) by extracting locked up business rules and further processing it for modernized cloud Based applications..


  • Drive Digital  Transformation through optimised application modernization roadmap and streamline execution to minimize business disruption and capture business value 
  • Increased ROI trough Core IP and Modernize to become more cost effective   
  • Improved agility to address business needs through Centralized Code Repository, automated Legacy Code analysis and optimization,  and other crucial features. 
  • Fast and easy Deployment of tailored solutions  for your business  to leverage unique business rules



Datum has delivered solution and gained trust by streamlining business processes, and leveraging the power of AI and cloud technologies of some of the largest and most innovative government agencies globally . Datum App. Modernization solution has helped several Gov. Agencies to modernize operations, work smarter and more collaboratively, and achieve breakthrough efficiency.

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Datum’s ace Insure-Tech solution drive the digital transformation journey for Insurance industry –With Artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, mobile service, live chat, etc. It focuses on automating reparative task and better insight through smart solutions.

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Digital Transformation in FinTech goes beyond making progressive applications and reaching out to customers. Datum’s Fintech solution has helped financial intuition modernize their operation through improved customer segmentation , enhanced services,custom design promotional that eases the process of migration from physical channels to a digital platform and achieve maximum productivity.

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