Insurance Technology - InsurTech

Insurtech is the use of technology innovations such as data analysis and AI, designed to make the current insurance model more efficient.


Insurers today have had to digitize various aspects of their operations to keep up with the demands of insureds. Any business that wishes to stay competitive in today’s marketplace must meet customers where and when they need something. The digital transformation of insurance – powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, mobile service, live chat, etc. – is enabling insurers to do just that, and will keep changing the industry for years to come.


  • Data advantage: Gains an advantage through their use of technology in collecting and analyzing data, and using the insights to rewrite the insurance value chain
  • Deeper customer insight: Uses technology to collect customer data in real time  to create customer insight to be able to engage with customers
    on a real-time basis.
  • Agility and technology expertise: Invests early in agile infrastructures and human capital with expertise in technological service delivery.
  • Venture capital: Increased investor interest is fuelling new
    entries into the emerging Insurtech sector, driving growth,
    competition and innovation.