Technology showcase event – Department of Defence, Australia

Welcome to the Technology showcase event for information discovery and entity extraction for the Department of Defence, Australia, and Thank You for your interest in Datum Solutions. We are delighted to have you here with us. The event is held by the Australian Department of Defense to identify a leader in cutting-edge technologies for AI-enabled analytic solutions. This page provides you access to key assets like White papers, documents and demo videos that would help you understand our participation to help speed Digital transformation. For any further details or additional information required, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Datum Solutions

Datum Solutions is a privately owned US-headquartered, global services firm, with resources in both Australia and New Zealand, focusing on Digital Business Automation, Business Process Management Automation and Case Management solutions. We employ over 300 technical resources, have operations in eight countries, and tout a robust clientele including some of the world’s largest Government, Financial, Insurance, and Healthcare organizations 


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Cognitive Capture solution powered by AI layer leveraging Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for advanced and cost-effective imaging and document ingestion, converting unstructured content to structured data.


A powerful discovery and investigation solution that allows input from various sources and formats to be consolidated, making it easy for advanced exploration of valuable information locked inside.

Application  Modernization

Organizations are struggling with a significant amount of business rules logic locked in their mainframe Cobol or other legacy applications, restricting their ability for business agility and the advantages of modern Cloud-based solutions.  

Application modernization and extracting business rules from legacy software into modern rules platforms enables your organization to respond efficiently to market changes, provide competitive service to your customers and leverage cloud capabilities by extracting locked up business rules and exporting or exposing them to a modernized Cloud-based application. 

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