Technology showcase event for information discovery and entity extraction: Department of Defense, Australia.

April 20, 2021

Datum Participated at prestigious Event hosted by “The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD)”, in conjunction with the Office of National Intelligence (ONI) hosted the Technology showcase event for the Department of Defence, Australia on the 29th and 30th of March 2021 with a motive to identify various organizations offering technologies that can perform discovery, recommendations, entity extraction & categorization, AI-enabled data enrichment and predictive analytics. Learn more

Technology showcase event banner

Datum addressed some of the key issues that the industry is currently facing and proposed their solutions with regards to Data extraction from unstructured or handwritten data format and further processing it for Business application which leads to massive operational efficiency and reduction in overall cost. Datum presented its AI-based low code intelligent automation solutions RapidCAPTURE and RapidRENDER that provides easy Data extraction and content service processing and management tool Also, discussing on challenges organizations face with existing Data trapped at Legacy Platform and how Datum’s Application Modernization adds flexibility to extract the business rules from legacy platform enabling dual functionality of business rules management and migration to newer platforms.

The keynote speakers of the event, Rajat Sehgal, Pooja Tak and Priyanka Singh spoke about the Digital Transformations in the industry and innovations in AI, ML and RPA.
Touching base with the typical customer journey, they introduced the Datum’s RapidSUITE portfolio and demonstrated individual solutions like RapidCAPTURE, RapidRENDER and Application Modernization.

The event was a highly successful in providing a platform to all the organizations creating a significant impact on future technological developments.


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