‘ RapidCAPTURE’ , acuracy like none other.

January 14, 2022

Perform Intelligent Data Extraction for contents from documents, emails, and forms with 99.9% accuracy with Datum’s cognitive capture solution RapidCAPTURE. 

The traditional method of data extraction got old enough.
With the traditional method, only a fraction of the thematic data in capturing cases in companies can be automatically identified based on rules and locations. Most of the thematic and personal data contained in emails, documents in handwritten or typed format, and the web are copied or keyed in manually. This lead to high costs and delayed processing, regardless to say prone to human error 

In the current scenario of remote working and social distancing, online data processing and extraction comes up as a reliable solution when critical information's keeps flowing in trough various mediums.  

RapidCAPTURE , bringing the difference:  
Datum’s RapidCAPTURE is currently used in cross industries such as insurance companies, financial institution, HealthCare, GovTech  and municipal utilities to automate document processing. Even for complicated cases such as applications for building mortgages and rental guarantee, We can process documents regardless of the structure of the content - ranging from handwritten text to fields and tables. 

RapidCAPTURE has proved to extract critical information with efficiency near to 100 % from handwritten document which barely any other solution can provide. 

Some of the solutions we have provided  
1. Large Cap American Health Insurance companies: Multiple client forms that were manually indexed for data extraction highly automated with Datum OCR and ICR. Resulted in significant reduction in Client manual indexing and data extraction labour hours. Significant success in OCR/ICR automation with 99% to 99.9% OCR/ICR data field extraction success. 

2. Property insurance & Mortgage company: Successful solution that allowed migration off old legacy capture solution to new modern solution with Paper records management included. Achieved significant environment stability with Lights on support. Delivered modernized Capture platform without operational disruption. 

To know more about our solution feel free to download the e-brochure and further connect us for queries. 

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