Glimpses into Digital Transformation Trends 2020

March 6, 2020

Current Business innovation strategies need to focus on powering transformation and optimization initiatives. With which ability to deliver value by adopting digital technologies at every juncture of a business plays a vital role in optimizing its process and results, that lead towards Digital Transformation. AI and Machine Learning integration play a vital role in expanding Hyperautomation possibilities in having significant advances in preparing Innovation strategies for business aiming towards excellence.

Hyperautomation, an integrated exhibition of multiple machine learning, packaged software and automation tools to deliver results for business organizations. The range of tools used to manage work and processes using the help of AI including ML and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques has taken a quantum leap in increasing efficiency of an Enterprise. The use of Strategic technologies is at the core of any business organization that aids in creating opportu­nities by bringing about the technological innovation that enhances enterprise architec­ture. According to us in the report by Gartner by 2024, AI tools and techniques will disrupt the global market through the engagement of advanced process automation, augmenting human endeavors. Sustainability is a concern in the age of cloud computing and dis­ruptive hyper-automation, so to constantly churn out processes according to evolving needs requires hyper agile working practices and tools to thwart competitive threats.

Automation possibilities are expanded using machine learning and NLP to deliver intelligent Robotic process automation (RPA). Data capturing, analyzing and managing has become a tedious task for any organization. The growing volume of data in the form of handwritten docs or machine-printed, re­quires efficient automation to capture data efficiently and manage it. Tools such as RapidCAPTURE encapsulates all the critical processes of data extraction from cap­tured content by thoroughly converting all valuable data into a usable and actionable format. Intelligent and innovative application tools such as RapidSUITE and RapidCAPTURE are integral to the organization’s architecture to create and deliver value. Businesses that need to verify the information and make a decision in time can make use of these intelligent tools to reduce labor costs and save time.

As per the analysis done by Gartner in their research article “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020”, We believe a close look at changing technologies is required to cater the chal­lenge in hand. As the future organizations become model-driven, the demand for core competency to manage the interconnected and complex nature of an Enterprise grows.

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