Datum Solutions is Rebranding!

July 30, 2019

For us, change means that we had been growing and expanding our business, building connections with experts and people all around the world. Datum Solutions was founded in 2004 by a group of experts, and since then our team has grown internationally. By bringing together the best people, technology and other resources we have been able to efficiently and effectively solve unique business challenges since day one.

Not only that, we have continued to expand and grow, building new business relationships in Australia in the previous year. In order to reflect these positive changes and welcome future ones, it was necessary to align our products and services with our values, therefore establishing a consistent and recognizable brand identity. With a diverse clientele throughout North America, Europe, and India, a change was necessary to properly communicate who we are and how we represent ourselves. And the way it is properly done is by rebranding. Let us bring you more insight into what we have been doing for the past couple of months, and the new value and experience it brought us.

Who We are and Where We Stand

At Datum Solutions, it is our vision to help empower and digitize organizations around the world to achieve their full potential, and make their day to day activities easier. It is our mission to be recognized as a trusted technology partner, which includes delivering high-quality technology value to our clients, partners, and employees. Sharing a common goal, we make the effort to continually ensure the highest possible quality when creating a new value.

“We are a trusted technology partner, with a mindset to empower and digitize businesses around the world.”

With our expert knowledge, we aspire to influence organizations so that they are able to achieve their full potential. By leveraging modern technology and combining it with the best practices in our field we help businesses pass smoothly on their Digital Transformation Journey. We stand by companies aiming to continuously improve both their business processes, and optimize their business decisions in their day to day work activities.

The Big Question is - Why are We Rebranding?

One of the main reasons is that we want to be proactive in regards to all of our growing markets, and all of our existing ones. The goal that we are striving to achieve is to create and nurture a higher sense of unity across our business in terms of our brand identity. Reaching new market opportunities across the globe, no matter where are clients are geographically is a goal empowered by globalization and digitization, so it is essential that everyone hears our message in a clear and concise way.

Rebranding is inevitable when big changes happen.

On the other hand, we wanted to modernize in accordance with digitization and digital trends and give our products and services a refreshed new look. It is important to us that our products and services represent who we are, and what we stand for. Being a company aiming to help businesses on their Digital Transformation Journeys, it is exceptionally important that our clients, as well as stakeholders, are able to see and feel the digitization and modern technology in our products and services.

What Does Rebranding Mean to Us?

For us, rebranding includes the entire package — new logo, colors, fonts, and the overall feel. You will be able to see all the hard work we have been doing on our website, products, product brochures, and overviews, and of course on all the social media that we use. We wanted our new brand identity to better match what we do.

How did we do that?

We did it by modernizing our look, always keeping in mind our history and our story. The logo that we used all these years has remained, for the most part, the same, but now has a fresher look, with new colors and gradient. We used a new and a bit futuristic typeface with the purpose to achieve a fresher and modern, but still very professional look. Instead of using a few bright colors, we decided to utilize a gradient color for the main part of our logo. The blue color was chosen as a new primary color, and the variety of blue gradient colors represents power, strength, but also intelligence, stability, and unity. It sends a message of a very professional, powerful and strong company.

Furthermore, in order to establish a clear balance and achieve an overall cleaner, and more consistent look, logos for all of our products was also changed. The symbol in each logo represents the product and its purpose.

When you unite all of these elements together, they create a feeling of structure, reliability, and consistency.

Essentially, we opened a new chapter that can be filled with exciting new experiences and possibilities, allowing us to be more consistent and communicate more clearly with our employees, clients, partners, and the global market.

We take pride in what we do, and the value we bring to businesses. It is important that as a company we stay committed to our goals, mission, and continue working towards our vision. We hope you will be able to see that we are trustworthy, a serious team of experts ready to help you reach the top.

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