Change every piece of content into machine readable business insights, with New RapidCAPTURE.

October 18, 2021

At times when  remote working is at all time high and processing incoming  documents for organizations  is at paramount , Automating the whole process through New RapidCAPTURE is the only solution.

From purchase orders and invoices, to handwritten claims forms and signed contacts, key data is swiftly captured, intelligently extracted, tagged with searchable metadata and automatically classified and stored where you need.

RapidCAPTURE Solution by Datum offers the answer to this challenge. With RapidCAPTURE, you can easily and quickly equip your organization with a solution that offers efficiency gain, found by leveraging document capture techniques that help in managing the growing volume of documents, forms, data with efficient automation. It can easily recognize handwritten document and can understand checkboxes, multiple checked tables or multipage fields with high accuracy. 

 Data extraction from captured content is key. By having all the valuable data extracted into a usable, actionable format, you can apply data insight related to business processes by reducing or eliminating characteristics such as double data entry and minimize human error in data entry RapidCAPTURE in a nutshell:

Content Extraction: capture, analyse and verify data from input documents in structured or unstructured formats. 

Document Ingestion: able to ingest documents with multiple document formats in a single stream. 

Smart capture: using machine learning and Natural Language Processing capabilities. 

Document Tagging: identify and classify all types of documents 

We have recently upgraded your technology further, to adapt with the organizational changes and to meet your daily requirements.

Introducing RapidCAPTURE 3.5, with machine learning and natural language techniques are on-hand to further improve your results.

To know more about the feature changes and to access the brochure, please click on the link below:

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