Senior .NET Software Developer

Location: Novi Sad / Novi Sad, Serbia Apply now
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Do you love challenging projects? So do we! 🙂 As a Senior Software .NET Developer you will be working in a team of experienced developers on exciting and innovative projects. Projects we are working on are within content management, digitalization and process automation in large system and industries for companies from USA, Australia and Western Europe. It’s important to emphasize that we are working on our products. We are also an IBM golden partner for implementing their solutions. We have offices around the world, specifically in the USA, Australia, India, Europe, among others in Spain, Montenegro and Serbia. Our Serbian office is in Novi Sad. For our office in Novi Sad, we are looking for a Senior Software .NET developer, capable of working in a dynamic environment and collaborating with other team members! If you like making algorithms, solving mathematical problems and thinking out of the box – keep reading!

What’s required

  • Adequate string manipulation (concatenation of strings, use of StringBuilder class, string interpolation, verbatim strings)
  • Knowledge of Disposable patterns and adequately handling Disposable objects
  • Knowledge of Json and Xml data serialization
  • Knowledge of TPL library in C#
  • Knowledge of Linq library
  • Knowledge of the ADO.NET library
  • Knowledge of the SOLID principle (particularly single responsibility principle and dependency inversion principle)
  • Experience with Git
  • Knowledge of at least one Agile Methodology
  • Mentorship
  • Cross country teamwork
  • Knowledge of English language
  • Knowledge of creating high-quality unity and integration tests

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