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At Datum we are looking for people to broaden our horizons. We are looking for candidates with knowledge in creating solutions using Java and Spring Boot who want to collaborate with a team and help us in the creation and evolution of our products.

Our interest is that you help us to strengthen our team, the rest of seniors and architects who analyze projects and build them, as well as juniors to make them grow as much as we can.


  • Our fundamental programming language is Java, using Spring Boot. Although we aspire to add at least one more language to support the new microservices.
  • Develop web microservices and components that provide backend support to these services.
  • Our primary business is document management (ECM and BPM). We have our own products and products built by our partners. The idea is to evolve our products to even surpass the rest using our knowledge within the industry.
  • We have been using agile methodologies for years and we want to improve them further, along with improvements in documentation, testing, quality control and process automation.
  • We do not aspire to be a huge and lonely team; our team aspire to be like a family that help each other. People help other people; this is our ideal.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or Master's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Good communication skills (spoken and written) in English and Spanish.
  • Availability to travel.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Great teamwork skills.
  • If you also know how to lead people within a team, you will be even more welcome.
  • Almost all our code is writing in Java, so we look for people with at least 5 years of experience in it. It will also help us if you have some years in Spring MVC or Spring Boot.
  • Although we are adding more types of databases, our fundamental is the SQL database. We want to give the best performance to our applications, and most of the errors reside in the communication to the database. It is important to have a profound knowledge about SQL.
  • Our applications are based on the web services like OpenAPI, we look for people with knowledge of it.
  • Legal residence in Spain (includes the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla).
  • In case of foreign citizens: legal residence in Spain, a valid work permit, and other documentation (e.g.: Social Security Number).

Optional but Highly Appreciated

  • We sell and improve the functionalities of the document management products of our main partner, so we appreciate any knowledge on the following products:
    • IBM FileNet P8.
    • IBM Case Manager.
    • IBM Content Navigator.
    • IBM Datacap.
  • In addition to SQL databases, we are incorporating and looking for the viability of No-SQL databases (like MongoDB) and Key-Value databases (like Redis).
  • A candidate with knowledge in Keycloak will also help us a lot.
  • United States Visa.


  • Full time contract.
  • Career Plan based of resource value and possibility of being internationally promoted to Datum US or any other Datum branch across the globe.
  • Flexible working hours (based on clients).
  • Possibility of Telecommuting.

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