A solution designed for dealing with claims outside of your normal business operations


RapidSYNC is a solution designed to balance work or inventory between a system of record and cases managed by IBM Case Manager. It is designed for both near real-time and batch processing paradigms. Adding the power of RapidSYNC to the strong case processing ability of IBM Case Manager, your organization can take advantage of a flexible, auditable, and secure means of dealing with everyday exception-based work cases. RapidSYNC includes a rules engine that maintains rules in a simple, easy to understand and uses tabular format. Its user-friendly interface allows line of business administrators to create, update, delete, and reorder business rules.

RapidSYNC also integrates with popular commercial rules engines, such as Fair Isaac Blaze and IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM). It keeps the records in source systems synchronized with objects in IBM Case Manager by reading the inventory of records exported from source systems and reconciling the data with the inventory of IBM Case Manager objects.

  • Organizations wanting to leverage the power of IBM Case Manager and keep the cases it manages synchronized with their systems of record
  • Line of business units with source systems limited in their ability to process exception cases
  • Companies leveraging IBM Case Foundation as their core ECM system
  • Businesses wanting to reduce unnecessary labor costs while driving operational efficiencies
  • IT departments wanting to leverage a flexible, rules-based solution to meet a challenging business environment
  • CIOs who want to fully realize the value of their IT investment while meeting customer demands
  • Synchronization of data between source systems and IBM Case Manager case objects ensuring all data is consistent and accurate
  • Efficient and agile business processing assisted by an easy to use, configurable rules engine for the automated determination of events for new and existing cases
  • Avoidance of duplicate cases prevented by the intelligence in the identification and treatment of existing cases
  • Increased case exception handling with the power built into IBM Case Manager still maintaining the data integrity of source systems