A simple, powerful process automation solution

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is a culmination technology to automate the repetitive clerical process which requires minimal human judgement dominant in most organizations. It targets process which does not require human intervention and which runs of straight forward business rule and automates it so that the human resource component of the process can be tasked for more challenging tasks, thus increasing employee productivity and job satisfaction.

RPA solution is a combination of software robots, cognitive and AI operators working together to efficiently and accurately automate process which normally will take longer driven by humans and prone to errors.

Datum Solutions RapidRPA

Datum has diversified and experienced personnel for RPA deployment and management. We specialize in understanding and analyzing organization process and accordingly implementing RapidRPA to optimize the output of the solution to the organization. The exercise is aimed at ensuring a positive outcome to clients like drive down costs, reduce errors, improve employee satisfaction and provide an excellent customer experience. Datum Solutions can accomplish this by our process design methodologies and utilizing best practices accumulated over years of experience delivering business solutions to customers around the globe.

AI Augmentation

Artificial Intelligence otherwise known as Smart Process Automation is an intelligent solution layer with Machine Learning capabilities. AI can train itself or be trained to automate more complex and subjective work through pattern recognition. It can also process natural language and unstructured data while simultaneously adapts and learns the new way in a changing environment.

RPA with AI augmentation provides a smarter robot managing business processes. It boosts information capture by extracting data from unstructured or semi-structured documents, easily identifies clusters of behavior in customer data. The AI augmentation helps turn the data into information with help of natural language processing, machine learning. It helps the solution understand the reason why something is happening and accordingly optimize the process for better efficiency.

Datum Solutions RapidRPA Capabilities

  • Datum's RapidRPA can provide end to end automation of process using techniques such as desktop automation, image processing, automatic handling of form layout and advanced data validation/processing by leveraging JavaScript and .NET extensions
  • End-to-End encryption for content at rest and in motion
  • A robust library of built-in template actions makes automation a comfortable and effective experience
  • Designed with flexible architecture to allow quick and scalable integration of expert capabilities from other service providers
  • Business empowering their customer relationship managers with accurate and quick query handling for an enhanced customer experience
  • Companies challenged with their human resource career growth opportunities due to legacy platform business process
  • Organizations optimizing their business process to reduce cost
  • CIO's who want to respond to the needs of their customers and want to deploy a fully-unified CRM solution
  • Rapid adoption from implementation, execution to scaling as per client requirement
  • Automate any process as RapidRPA is flexible, cognitive, application agnostic and can be done quickly and reliably
  • Lower operating costs tremendously and with reduced or zero error rates
  • Get more work done out of fewer robots and lower IT investment
  • Deploy and operate enterprise wide with strong security
  • Enforces strong governance by organizing critical enterprise processes handled centrally to facilitate robust process management, robot workload, asset management, etc.
  • Rapid realization of ROI in matter of days
  • Uses the business logic build in each application as it works on the application layer
  • Easily adaptable to the minor changes done in the under lying systems