A powerful, flexible and reliable conversion solution to convert Microsoft Office documents, Images, Text files and XML to PDF


RapidRENDER is a powerful, flexible and reliable image conversion solution to convert Microsoft Office documents, Images (TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, PNG), Text (TXT and CSV) files and XML to PDF formats quickly, efficiently and standardize customer documents for easy and secure archiving and display. The tool exposes JAVA and REST APIs which allows developers to easily achieve the conversion requirement. RapidRENDER was developed with an intent to provide an efficient and seamless way for organizations and developers to add expert image and document handling capabilities for their internal and web-based applications.

  • Organizations managing content of multiple types, which will be shared with internal and external users requiring a standard format
  • Companies wanting to archive documents in easily readable format (non-proprietary or application specific)
  • Business and IT managers looking for simple solution for extensive document format support
  • CIO's who want the flexibility to be able to view documents and images on any platform, anywhere and any browser
  • Rapid document conversion without invoking a print driver or any other external application
  • RapidRENDER conversion services can be bundled and made available as part of any application with seamless integration
  • RapidRENDER Web Service can be invoked synchronously in real time or can be invoked asynchronously via a queueing service
  • The conversion technology increases efficiency, reduces processing time and simplifies the collaboration process
  • Enables quick integration for inflight rendering capabilities on existing web applications