A user-friendly, secure, and quick deploying solution for extending content use beyond your firewall


RapidECM is a user-friendly, secure and adaptable solution for managing and presenting content to internal as well as external users. It operates as a standalone or can easily integrate with your existing IBM Filenet P8, CM8 or other legacy content management environments. RapidECM offers to optimize storage costs with its rapid migration of content to lower cost storage options from high cost ageing repositories. It's end-to-end encryption for content at rest and in motion between repositories lessening data breach worries for mission critical and sensitive information. RapidECM's intuitive, extensible user interface offers comprehensive searching among both existing and RapidECM repositories. Additionally, a plug-in is provided for Pega and IBM Content Navigator to streamline end-user image access.


  • Delivers to your business the agility to support the needs of your company’s external users by providing a unique web self-service
  • Evaluates the ROI by deploying a cost-effective solution not dependent upon the cost-prohibitive of licensing models
  • Provides a highly scalable and secure platform for the storage which delivers and manage a large amounts of content to the external users or consumers
  • Facilitates the publishing of internet-consumable content secured by encryption, both in motion and at rest
  • Defrays the runaway costs associated with the storage of content on high performance and high cost disk
  • Supplies a high capacity and a high speed bulk import of new content and/or metadata updates to existing content

Fast Deployment

  • RapidECM can be implemented in a very short time – as little as 30 days
  • Configuration of presentation, database, and storage connections are performed with minimal effort, allowing you to realize benefits sooner
  • Existing merger servers can be integrated into RapidECM using standard APIs and services
  • Access to metadata and content can be accomplished using the supplied user interface or the IBM Content Navigator plug-in

Accelerating Migration

  • Migration of content from existing retention platforms and ECM repositories can be accelerated using Datum’s Rapid Content Migration Tool which is a standard component of RapidECM
  • The High Volume Ingestion Tool feature of RapidECM can ingest metadata and Clip ID table data from EMC Centera volumes - up to 40 terabytes in a single week

Ease of Integration

  • The solution includes an IBM Content Navigator Plug-In
  • Existing ECM users’ interface installations can incorporate RapidECM content via CMIS-ready Web Services and APIs
  • Services and APIs provide flexibility to implement custom frameworks and leveraging Rapid ECM as needed
  • Configurations will support existing database and storage platforms including content stored by other ECM platforms

Licensing and Storage Cost Reductions

  • Service unlimited numbers of users with content volume licensing for new solutions
  • Replace or supplant expensive vendors and users count licensing with RapidECM’s content volume licensing
  • Direct new content for internet customers directly to the RapidECM repository, thus minimizing user license costs on other platforms
  • RapidECM can supports in the migration of content from expensive and aging storage that lower the cost of NAS, SAN, and Cloud storage
  • Transition high cost specialty fixed content device and retention storage to lower the cost of NAS, SAN, and Cloud storage platforms
  • With RapidECM, you can align storage requirements based on content value and infrastructure cost while maintaining seamless access for users

Enable Business Opportunities

  • Position RapidECM for current and future internet applications supporting the content submissions, the customer forms, and the B2B documentations
  • Leverage interfaces to RapidECM that securely present outbound content including correspondence and statements
  • Provide multi-site and high availability content storage via the cloud ensuring business continuity in the event of data center outages or natural disasters
  • Support high volume and high performance ingestion of new content and metadata updates with RapidECM and then route inbound content to the existing ECM Systems including IBM/FileNet P8, IBM CM8, and IBM Case Manager as needed
  • Implement consumers’ self-service information access via the internet by utilizing the cloud to achieve maximum business agility without having to make changes in the existing content repository infrastructure

System Efficiencies

  • Leverage existing disaster recovery solutions for enterprise database and storage platforms
  • Implement content caching and reduce the impact of redundant file I/O requests on primary production system storage platforms