A solution built to enable you to replatform your COLD application on your IBM Case Foundations investment


RapidCOLD enables organizations to save on storage costs for archived print stream or similar documents using compression techniques while still maintaining the document’s integrity for end user readability. It is a more efficient means of storing documents and still enables for the handling of the large amount of data required to maintain things such as customer bills, loan documents, accounting reports, and the like. RapidCOLD also enables your organization to sunset aging ECM systems and consolidate on newer P8-based architecture resulting in reduced operational costs.

RapidCOLD delivers a COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) document by managing its data with the appropriate template for presentation. This then enables users of IBM Content Navigator to viewing these documents.

  • CIOs looking to both reduce operational costs and leverage newer technologies
  • Companies still requiring COLD-based solutions but struggling with how to modernize them
  • Businesses wanting to modernize aging FileNet Image Services (IS) based applications
  • IT departments wanting consolidate their ECM architecture for efficiency
  • Organizations looking to reduce ECM architecture complexity while maintaining existing functionality
  • Allows for the sun setting of aging ECM technology
    • Retirement of old Image Services (IS) servers
    • Lower operational costs
    • Eliminates the need to find IS-skilled resources
  • Reduces storage costs
    • Compression of data
    • Use of document templates
    • Efficient use of logos/images
  • Leverages investment in IBM Case Foundations licenses
    • Puts to use licenses on the shelf
    • Makes P8 architecture COLD capable
  • Taking advantage of modern User Interface
    • May use IBM Content Navigator for COLD-based applications