Valuable and frequently requested business extensions augmenting IBM Case Manager


RapidCASE is a collection of functions that are commonly used by business users involved in case management applications that are not provided out-of-the-box with IBM Case Manager. With RapidCASE, business administrators, supervisors, or managers can define, assign, edit, or revoke key business operations within any Case Manger line of business solution, without the requirement for programming or involvement from IT.


  • Organizations that utilize IBM Case Manager and need to extend the base product capabilities without having to write custom code
  • Businesses desiring to empower their operational teamsby giving them the ability to assign or revoke business specific features to case workers in their department
  • Companies using IBM Case Manager wanting to eliminate the need for time-consuming redeployment of case-based applications for small changes
  • Companies whose IT Department would like to reduce the magnitude of request so changes can be implemented in shorter time spans
  • IT Application Development Managers who want to significantly reduce Case Manager development and deployment time and cost
  • CIOs who want to respond to the needs of their customers in a timely manner by using tools that increase their agility and delivering solutions from a concept to a deployment in much shorter amounts of time
  • Assign and revoke key business features/operations critical to the operation of the business unit
  • Dynamically define operations for each case worker role and in-basket without using Case Builder (which is typically used only by an IT Developer)
  • Can be easily imported into any IBM Case Manager environment or solution
  • Allow the administrators to copy configurations between roles/in-baskets using "Copy From" option within a given solution
  • Implement and adapt changes to the dynamic of business operation much faster in real time
  • Provides comprehensive and dynamic Letter Generation module
  • Presents dynamic "Send Email" module allowing case workers to select pre-defined email templates for sending case based correspondence
  • Ability to edit letters online without saving any document footprint on the client desktop
  • Capture summary of all case comments into a tiff file, then save as a document tied to the case within the system to ensure they are preserved even after case completion
  • Allow the administrators to assign specific skills such as “Case Type” or any business specific property enabling the administrator(s) to control the flow of specialized cases to specific skilled workers.