Join a network of employees and consultants located all around the world
Datum Solutions is a privately held company whose main office is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We’ve been operating since 2004 in the U.S., and have rapidly expanded our operations globally. Through a network of employees and consultants located all around the world, we here at Datum Solutions specialize in ECM technology development, re-engineering, and technology support services in the commercial business sector and select government agencies. Datum Consulting Group, LLC, dba Datum Solutions, is proud to be a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Open positions

The following are positions we are actively seeking to fill. Select a job title for the full job description.

Employment Opportunities

Even when we do not have current open requisitions to fill, or if you are not quite qualified for a posted position, we are always looking for talented and creative professionals to join our team. If you have an interest in working with Datum Solutions, please follow these instructions to submit the Datum Employment Application document and your resume for future consideration. Should a position arise for which you are qualified, you will be notified (note: resumes will remain on file for one year).

What to expect from the interview process

To be considered for any position, you must first submit the Datum Employment Application document and your resume following these instructions. A representative will then make contact (via phone or email) with individuals who meet the baseline qualifications of the open positions. That representative will also sustain contact with each candidate throughout the interview process until a selection is made.
Step-by-step Overview of the Process:
  1. Selected applicants will undergo a brief telephone screening with a member of Human Resources.
  2. Qualified applicants are then forwarded on to the appropriate Hiring Manager(s) for consideration.
  3. At the request of the Hiring Manager, telephonic or online interviews are scheduled with qualified applicants.
  4. The Hiring Manager will conduct extensive interviews with qualified applicants. In some cases, second interviews are scheduled with senior management or subject-matter experts.
  5. When possible, on-site interviews will be scheduled with the finalist candidates.