Datum Solutions partnered with EMC's, Captiva: Intelligent Enterprise Capture

11th August, 2016

Datum Solutions partners with EMC's Captiva, Intelligent Enterprise Capture Solution, in its strive to broaden their connect with diverse technology platforms. Captiva, a leading solution in data capture technology.

Datum Solutions has been an entrenched player in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space, with many solutions and services to its credits. Datum Solution understands the criticality of accurate and rapid data capture from documents and securely extracting them to ECM repository. Datum Solutions is leveraging this partnership to empower its line of products with the technological advancement demanded by clients for a leading edge to their line of businesses.

EMC Captiva delivers process driven capture software platform that converts paper, documents into application ready digital content. By drastically reducing manual processes, Captiva solutions lower costs, minimize risk, and streamline integration to new and existing systems. For more info visit this link

EMC Captiva advantages
  • Process Driven - Process Driven Capture enables organizations to capture documents and data from all areas of the business and in all incoming formats
  • Advanced Recognition - It automatically classifies documents into unique business transactions and then extracts the index data required for validation and processing. Captiva differentiates in the market by providing both the most innovative AR technologies and a proven ability to execute in delivering Advanced Capture solutions
  • Real-time Capture - Enables LOB and even departments to quickly set up robust processes, accessing only the capture technologies needed to capture, convert, classify and extract the data needed in real time

About Datum Solutions

Founded in 2004 by a group of senior ECM solution experts, Datum Solutions has the people and other resources to efficiently and effectively solve your unique business challenges within your market constraints. Datum offers a wide range of services including business-IT strategy creation, project business value identification, development of business applications, optimization of your systems operations & maintenance, and data & application migrations. Datum has a diverse clientele throughout North America, Europe, Australia and India.

Additionally, Datum Solutions offers packaged solutions to accelerate your projects in the ECM arena in the areas of document capture, case management, business process management, and foundational document management.

Datum partners with you offering sound business models such as:

  • Extended Development Centre (EDC)
  • Time & Materials based projects
  • Managed Services
  • Joint Venture solution development